Sergia Louise Anderson

US Pole Champion

Sergia is a visual storyteller. A master of character, she suffuses each performance with honesty and depth through her richly detailed choreography. Her breathtaking musicality, spirited movement and crisp, elegant lines sweep the audience along and immerse them in the moment. Sergia brings this personal connection from the performance stage into the classroom, enabling students to find the energy in their own movement. Drawing on her background in salsa, ballet, jazz, contemporary and theater, she provides a firm technical foundation for innovative tricks and transitions, accessible to dancers at all levels.

Her New York Theatre credits are far reaching including working with Broadway director Jerry Zaks in City Center Encores! Bye Bye Birdie. She has also appeared in numerous national commercials including spots for Verizon, Cascade, Chrysler and has co-starred in TV shows 3 lbs. and ABC's The Forgotten, as well as acting in re-ocurring roles on CBS's Guiding Light. Recent films include the lead in Tony Tango.

Sergia found pole while dancing and acting professionally in New York and Los Angeles for 10 years.  The pole became a grounding passion for Sergia and she founded The Vertitude Dance Studio in Los Angeles in 2011.  She made an international name for herself with her competition/performance routines, and quickly became one of the most sought after choreographers in the pole world, working with national and international stars to achieve their competition, performance, and pole goals in classes, private lessons, and over Skype.  Her dance and performance background gave her the ability to chameleon her way through all styles of pole from pole exotic, to pole sport, to contemporary pole, as well as creating a style her very own.

Sergia has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Drama from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. She is an Elevated, X-pert, Pilates and Yoga Certified Instructor.  Her Brand Sponsors include BadKitty Apparel, Lupit Pole, and Complete Pole Tutorials.  Sergia is now in her 6th year of living on the road and teaching all over the globe to connect people to movement and dance.  Teaching pole has taken Sergia to over 26 countries over the last 6 years.  Private lesson slots with Sergia are available for booking during the retreat dates.

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Natasha Wang

International Pole Dance Champion

Natasha Wang is one of the most influential and popular pole artists working today. Based in Los Angeles, California and born and raised in Austin, Texas, Natasha is a true “pole citizen of the world,” traveling the globe as an in-demand teacher, performer and competition judge. In 2015, Natasha was named the IPDFA “Instructor of the Year”, and in 2014, she won “Female Performance Artist of the Year” and “Inspirational Artist of the Year” at the PWN (Pole World News) Awards. As a competitive pole athlete, she has taken home the titles of IPC Ultimate Champion 2013, Pole Art 2012 Runner-Up, US Pole Dance Champion 2011, USPDF West Coast Champion 2010, California Pole Dance Champion 2010, and East Meets West Miss Pole-AM 2010. As a performer and pole personality, she has appeared on “The View” on ABC, “Good Day L.A.” on FOX, “Amazing Dance” on Hunan TV, and “Day Day Up” on Hunan TV, China’s #1 TV show with a viewership of over 300 million. Natasha has also performed across China as a solo artist, including 30-show booking at China Rouge at the Galaxy Macau Hotel & Casino. In June 2011, Natasha performed with the Doug Aitken art-theater project "Black Mirror" starring actress Chloe Sevigny, which premiered in Athens and Hydra, Greece. Known throughout the world for her emotive style, grace and creative storytelling, Natasha is a late fitness bloomer who took her first pole class at the age of 30 with no prior dance, gymnastics or fitness training. Never one to see this as a liability, Natasha reminds men and women of all shapes, sizes and ages that anything is possible with passion, dedication, blisters and hard work. Natasha is certified by elevatED, X-Pert, Pole Moves, and Floor Flow. Natasha’s brand sponsors include X-Pole, MilaKrasna and Kelly Maglia Couture. A graduate of the University of Texas with a BS in Advertising and a BA in French, Natasha left a nine-year career in public relations in 2011 to pursue her pole dreams. She is also a published poet and speaks fluent Chinese and French. In 2016, Natasha co-founded X-Purr with fellow pole athlete Arloa Reston. X-Purr designs premium pet toys and accessories that merge her two loves – pole fitness and cats. The duo launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in September 2016.  Private lesson slots with Natasha are available for booking during the retreat dates.

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Iris Sparrow


Iris is a co-founder of Alloy Images, and began her adventures in the pole world in 2009. Working as a news photographer but enchanted with the world of Jenyne Butterfly and Felix Cane through YouTube, she began going to pole classes in the evenings. Iris and Sergia Louise Anderson formed a fast friendship while taking classes together, and when Sergia opened The Vertitude, Iris was thrilled when she was asked to become the first staff instructor. Currently Iris teaches at The Vertitude in Los Angeles as an XPERT-trained pole instructor, offers pole exotic workshops across the country. 

Insta:  @iris.sparrow



London Acro Ladies

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Sylvia Garcia & Katie Burns

London Acro Ladies are certified AcroYoga teachers Sylvia Garcia and Katie Burn. They love to share the seemingly impossible with beginners and believe that AcroYoga is for all, not just acrobats! Their teaching combines sensitivity with strength along with elements of play. 

Sylvia and Katie are strong believers in lifting people as well as weights. They find that AcroYoga is the perfect accompaniment to a yoga practice as it combines strength and flexibility with the added bonus that you can socialise at the same time. Sylvia is a dancer turned yoga teacher of 9 years and Katie is gymnastics teacher of 10 years. They are both AcroYoga certified teachers who teach extensively throughout London and abroad. They love to make AcroYoga an accessible practise for all ages, sizes & levels.