June 21-25th, 2017


Weekend Pass June 24/25, 2017

Santa Rosa, California


Sergia Louise Anderson, Natasha Wang, and Iris Sparrow

5 days of top instruction in  pole dance, pole sport,  pole exotic, dance movement, handstand training, flexibility training,  yoga, acroyoga, and wine tasting in the wine country of Sonoma County.  A wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in your training during the day, with wine tasting, and wine country activities during the afternoons and evenings.  With our menu of additional activities, you can choose your own adventure. Whether you are coming to focus, train hard and take your pole skills to the next level, meet up with your best pole buds to train and wine taste in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, or gather new material, choreography, and get coaching for your next competition, this event will not disappoint.  Weekend Pass available.  Groups will be separated by levels.  Beginners Welcome! 

Sergia's Beginner Workshop, Australia Pole Festival

Sergia's Beginner Workshop, Australia Pole Festival

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